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The Texas A&M Forest Service and Lone Star Forestry are both sponsors of our organization! TFS provides great public resources and Lone Star Forestry is a private forester representing landowners and what's best for their timber and long term goals.


Real Estate

You may be looking to sell or buy property, or need an opinion of value on a property you own. HomeLand Properties is local to the Southwest Pineywoods area and services the greater East Texas region. They can provide you with any real estate service you may need!

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Property Taxes

Property taxes are calculated on the appraised value of a property.  There are however special-use appraisal rules in place for properties where agriculture, timber production or wildlife management is the primary use.  These special-use appraisals reduce the appraised value significantly thereby reducing the tax burden considerably.  Taking advantage of these rules is up to the landowner.  Taxing entities, in general, do not voluntarily offer up these savings.  YOU must seek these out and apply.  Let Lone Star Forestry go to work for you and put these rules to use.

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Land Management

We have resources available for a variety of Land Management needs! Upland Earthworks provides fencing work, installing entrances, road building and management, pond construction, and more! 

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